My daughter was struggling in high school socially and academically. It was hard for her to concentrate because of her difficulties making friends in the new school. After just four sessions with Lola she was completely turn around. Maybe because Lola was a teacher for many years she was able to connect with my daughter at the level she needed. I am so grateful for the work she did with my daughter and I highly recommended her work for any student having difficulties in school.
— TS, Menlo Park, CA
I could not believe the changes in my daughter after working with Lola on Skype. Surprisingly, she never worked directly with my daughter. She was able to connect psychically with blockages in her chakras and energy system that were making her lethargic in school and uninterested in participating in sports. After a few sessions, her grades started to improve and she showed interest in moving her body again. Lola is very talented in what she does and I highly recommend her work if you are struggling with the level of performance of your child.
— MS, Santa Cruz, CA
While our family was going through a difficult situation, my son was struggling with hyperactivity and low interest in school. Doing surrogate work, Lola was able to listen deeply to his unconscious pain. The changes were outstanding.
— TS, Sunnyvale, CA
At one point in her second year of college, my daughter was struggling with general boredom and lack of motivation. Talking about it seemed to lead nowhere, and she did not want to discuss it further, but she authorized surrogate work on this issue. After two sessions with Mrs. Mont-Reynaud, the problem had gone away.
— HM, San Jose, CA
Lola is a highly intuitive Matrix Reimprinting specialist. She is fully engaged during every session and her insightful questions combined with her brilliant ability to find the core issues hidden in seemingly innocuous memories is truly remarkable. Lola is unfailingly courteous and creates a safe haven where anything can be discussed with the utmost discretion. Lola has painstakingly worked with me to create shifts in my perception of life, which has resulted in a cascade of serendipitous events that I can only attribute to her work. I cannot recommend her work highly enough.
— HLW, Los Angeles, CA
After a difficult divorce, I was depressed and lacking purpose. I did not know what would be my next step in life or what road to take. Working with Lola was just a blessing. He helped me connect with my true self and listen to my Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Just after two months of working together I am a different person: my life has a purpose, I have found a rewarding job and I am part of a new community. I highly recommend her work, she is very gentle, a great listener and highly intuitive.
— PW, Denver, CO
I have received a number of MR sessions from Lola Mont-Reynaud and they were very good for me. I got deeply into a variety of issues that I have had and I made progress on all of them. All along I have been impressed with her qualities of listening, presence, and patience in exploring my situation, and also with her creativity in moving things forward. It was a privilege for me to participate in these sessions with Lola, and I continue to have some on occasion. I can recommend her work to others without hesitation.
— SO, MI
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Working with Lola has been incredibly helpful. She has been instrumental in freeing me from limiting beliefs and allowing me to be my best self. In working with her, I have cleared old distorted images of feminine energy and found my true intuitive, compassionate feminine self. I have released inner conflicts and polarities around order and chaos, beginning to free myself from the oppression of clutter. I have also found a new safety in embodying my expanded self as a holistic healer, transformed by a new awareness of partnering with universal energy to heal myself and others. Thank you, Lola for your transformative work!.
— MD, Maplewood, MN
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Lola has shown amazing insight and intuition in our sessions and after six or so sessions I noticed an almost overnight shift in my life toward compassion and forgiveness for my abusive parents, and a HUGE shift toward inner peace for me. A few weeks ago I was still engulfed in PTSD rage that began with my mother’s death last year. Now I am enjoying life once again! I am feeling confident, strong and balanced. Thank you for all your help, Lola, you are such a blessing in my life. I can’t wait to see what comes next!
— TM, Seattle
I have lost two grown sons recently, one of whom lived with me. I could never get the image out of my mind of him lying there on his bed, already gone. I wanted so badly to lie next to him and hold him but I couldn’t make myself do it because I knew he would be cold and hard. For months afterwards, I would cry every time that image appeared in my mind’s eye. I told my friend, Lola, about this and she said she could help me, which she did. She made it possible for me to stay with that image in a more comfortable, soothing way, me lying next to him with my arm around him. I treasure that new image and it doesn’t make me cry when I see it. I smile and I think how lucky I was to have him those last four years of his life.
— RQ, AR